November 11, 2015

You will most likely have already noticed some of our electronic website changes. Here’s what is happening as I write these words:

Given that I am a dinosaur of the Print Age, it has taken a long time to bring our website into the Electronic Age. For a number of years now, we have unsuccessfully tried to make the transition; each time we made the attempt, something happened to derail us. Meanwhile, we dropped farther and farther behind the times.

The biggest problem by far was that would-be-buyers were forced to either write us checks for product, pay cash, or pay by PayPal. The process was getting undeniably archaic. Now, you’ll be able to shop electronically and fill your shopping carts and order by a click of a button!

But now our daughter Michelle has come to our rescue. With the invaluable assistance of an East Coast web-designer, they have now revamped everything. It will take us a while to get all the bugs out of the system—but bear with us: we are “getting there.”

At the same time that this has been happening, we have posted the biggest book sale by far in our history. Most everything has been discounted; some items represent deep discounts. It has been noticed: now the orders are pouring in.

We hope you’ll be pleased with what you see. Now it will be easy to contact us: just go to And there you will find the Blog: Wednesdays with Dr. Joe, the Tweets, and Facebook icons. And you can reach us by email:

Thank you ever so much for staying with us until we finally get up to date!

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  1. Great. Thanks

  2. Congratulations

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