September 19, 2012

We have been receiving so many queries having to do with whether or not we have any new books coming out during the coming months that I am writing this explanatory blog.

We haven’t even updated our master listing since fall of 2011, reason being that we are in the process of updating everything about our website (it badly needs it!).

The reality is that after a number of years of coasting along with two series (the Christmas series and Animal series), book-related action has cranked up with a vengeance! As you’ll see when you look over the following list of books in the current pipeline:

(1) Christmas in My Heart 21 (now entering the third decade of its life). An advance copy just arrived at our house, and all who have seen it love it. We should have it in stock very soon. It is our 77th book.

(2) Stinky the Skunk and Other Strange and Wonderful Animal Stories (#9 in “The Good Lord Made Them All” animal series) will be arriving mid to late December. It will be our 78th book.

We have contracted with eChristian for six story collections, each with twelve stories. They’ll be published first in electronic form, and second in paper. We have already completed the manuscripts for all six and sent them in. They will be published in this order, beginning quite soon:

(3) Showdown and Other Sports Stories for Boys. It will be our 79th book.

(4) A Bluegrass Girl and Other Horse Stories for Girls. It will be our 80th book.

(5) The Mother’s Face is the Child’s First Heaven and Other Motherhood Stories. It will be our 81st book.

(6) Only God Can Make a Dad and Other Fatherhood Stories. It will be our 82nd book.

(7) The Talleyman Ghost and Other Mystery Stories for Girls. It will be our 83rd book.

(8) Secret of the Desert and Other Mystery Stories for Boys. It will be our 84th book .

We have just completed a monumental book for Howard/Simon & Schuster, a companion book to my Lincoln biography (Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage, 2008). A hundred years of collecting (first, during my mother’s life; and second, throughout my own) has gone into searching out these elusive, little-known treasures from the past. We sent in the manuscript (with 32 stories about Lincoln, five introductory chapters written by me, and 37 vintage photographs or illustrations) during the last week. Nothing comparable has ever before been published.

(9) The Greatest Abraham Lincoln Civil War Stories Ever Written. It will be our 85th book.

A contract is being processed with Howard/Simon & Schuster for a collection readers have been urging me to put together for many years. It too is due to be released by fall of 2013.

(10) Actual title is not yet settled on, but it will feature the most beloved and moving Christmas love stories ever to come out under my own name [if it goes well, a second such collection may follow]. It will be our 86th book.

* * * * *

So now you can see why we have been so anchored to deadlines during the last year!

What an exciting publishing year the good Lord has granted to us!