“My Favorite Miracle Stories”

April 29, 2015


Just out is our 90th book, the second in the My Favorite series of story collections, on the heels of My Favorite Angel Stories (2014); and it will be followed by My Favorite Answer to Prayer Stories in 2016. All the stories in these three books are true and faith-affirming.


In our 90 books and counting, this series breaks new ground for us. It meets a major need we’ve never addressed before: stories for church, Sunday school, Sabbath services, daily family worship hour, Christian schools, evangelism, etc. For let’s face it, if someone like us does not provide a large reservoir of such stories, how are such stories to be found by ministers, lay church leaders, parents, and teachers? If parents are to have a daily story hour for their families, in one year alone, that means they’d need 365 stories! These are all major reasons why we launched this series. We will be most interested in your responses.

There are 39 stories in our new book:


This is a very ecumenical collection, as you’ll see when you study the names of the authors, for many of them are famed clergymen or missionaries. We close with two life-changing epiphanies written by Pastor Ken Gaub and me. In both cases, we were staggered to discover that God was not only real, he was right by our side! And what an unexpected sequence of events made Dr. Dobson’s story possible!

It is a big book. Price is $15.99, plus $4.90 shipping. And if you’re a Colorado resident, add 5% tax. (Published by Pacific Press Publishing Association, 2015). When ordering, indicate if you wish the book to be signed or inscribed. Please send us an email if you wish to order: mountainauthor@gmail.com. We are working on our website now, and hope to make it easier for you to order from the web page soon. But in the meantime, please feel free to send us an email to place your order.


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  1. Hope to purchase one in Mormon Lake at the convention!!!

    • We’ll have some copies available there.

  2. Thank you. This sounds interesting. It is good to know that other denominations will be represented in these stories.

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