Mendenhall’s Cool Names – Part 2

October 24, 2012


As promised, here is the second batch of “Cool Names” Dr. Mendenhall sent me to offset our October attack ads. Read ‘em, and cackle. Then see how many cool ones you can think of to build on Mendenhall’s two lists.


Lou Keemiah                    Al Packa                               Ginger Snapps
Karen  Keeping                Esther Pance                       Bobby Soxx
Joe Ker                              Sonia Papermoon              Asa Spades
Nan King                           Penny Pasta                        I. C. Spotts
Terry Kloth                       Oswald A. Peesagumm     Rosetta Stone
Jack Knife                         Pat Pending                        Grant Stoom
Shirley Knott                    Barry Picker                       Max Stout
Manuel Labor                  Stew Pidd                            Kay Surrah-Surrah
Marsha Lartz                   Sam and Ella Poyzning     Ty Tannick
Crystal Shanda Lear       Gene Poole                          Dick Tater
Earnest Lee                      Will Power                           Anne Teak
Frank Lee                         Rachel Prejudic                  Will N. Testament
Peg Legg                           Karen Protectio                  Tom Thom
Vi Lentz                            Dusty Pyle                           Tess Tosterone
Mandy Lifebotz              Jon Quille                            Nan Tuckett
Terry A. Littlelonge       Jack Rabbitt                        Ken Tuckey
Isiah Littleprayer           Amanda B. Reckondwith Paige Turner
Penny Loafer                  Alan Rench                          Beau Tye
Kara Lott                         Anna Rexia                          Justin Tyme
Hal Lucination               Dusty Rhodes                     Mark Tyme
Dan D. Lyon                   Bev Ridge                             Amy Ubbull
Ole Mackerel                  Jerry Rigg                            Phil Ubbuster
Jerry Mandering           Jack D. Ripper                    Hal Uhtosis
Randy Marathon           Tara Round                         Barry Ummenamuh
Ole O. Margarine          Harley Ryder                       Bob Uppendown
Marsha Mello                Arthur Rytis                         Sue Uprising
Ella Mentry                    Chuck Roast                        Russell Upsumgrub
Sal Minnella                   Mike Robial                         Noah Vale
Pete Moss                       Kurt N. Rodd                       Minnie Vann
Bessie Mae Mucho        Rose Royce                          Ella Vayter
Anna Mull                       Rhoda Ruder                       Sue Veneer
Sue Nahmi                      Len Scapp                            Di Vinn
Jim Nasium                    Bea Seated                           Rhonda Voo
Justin D. Nickatyme     Barry Senshulls                  Claire Voyant
Lee Ning                          Homer Sexual                     Beau Vynes
Jim Nist                           Cam Shaft                            Chuck Wagon
Hazel Nutt                       Sharon Sharalike               Walter Wahlkarpet
Paddy O’Furniture         Rick Shaw                           Jay Walker
Lynn Oleum                     Tyrone Shoelaces              Luke Warm
Cy O’Nara                        Jim Shortz                           Juan Way
Angie O’Plastie               April Showers                     Bob N. Weeve
Rick O’Shea                     Lou Siddity                         Bob White
Travis T. Onjustis           Frieda Slaves                      Sherry Wines
Al O’Vera                         Jane Smoker                       Holly Wood
Ala Wrench                     Eileen Wright                      Sybil Wrights
Bob Wyre                        Sheik Yerbouti                     Gordon Zola
Sue Zuki

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  1. ¶ My family started gathering names like these several years ago. We decided only the first name must be an actual name but the last or any other name could be made up, such as Horace Manure, or April Showers. We also include Titles such as General Leespeaking. As of November 3, 2012 we have 98,054 names on our list. It has been quite fun, as you have found out.
    ¶ I just discovered your website & blog after seeing you on 3ABN 2012-11-04. Great site, fantastic books.

    In God’s keeping,

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