October 17, 2012

A little over a week ago, as we drove west reveling in the dramatic fall colors with our cherished friends, Bob and Bev Mendenhall, en route to one of our all-time favorite breakfast watering troughs, Sunshine Café in Dillon, Colorado, Bob (a fellow wordsmith and punster) and I got on the subject of strange family names. I chanced to think of the true instance of a clearly sadistic set of parents with last name of “Hogg” who named their daughter “Ima.” To my disappointment, however, I later discovered that it wasn’t true that they named their second daughter “Ura” (certain to have resulted in bitter fights).

Well that started it. The rest of the drive was dedicated to loony name combinations. In the end, I made Bob promise to send me a copy of his favorites when he returned to Keene, Texas, where he chairs Southwestern Adventist University’s Department of Communication. This week’s blog features half his list; next week’s blog, the second half.

At any rate, we all need a blessed change of pace from these disgusting and vicious political attack ads that poison television viewing during October. “Cool Names” ought to help.

Perhaps you’ll find it possible to add some gems of your own?


Al Abbaster                Rose Bushe                    Gloria N. Excelsis
Ben Addrill                Preston Buttons            C. Howett Feels
Cary Ahn                    Stan Bye                          D. S. “Al” Fine
Mary Ahtchee           Jay Byrd                          Grace Flexit
Terri Aki                    Russell Caddle               May Flowers
Bob Alou                    Polly  Carbonate            Tom Foolery
Sal Amander             Iona Carr                         Sally Forth
Al Amony                  Justin Case                      Bob Frapples
S. P. Anaj                  Belinda Chinashop         Orlando D. Free and
Kris  Anthemum      Seymour Clearly                    Homer D. Brave
Julie Ard                    Billy Club                         Al Fresco
Penny Arrabbiata     Dot Comm                       Roland Function
Natalie Attired          Anna Conda                     Clara Fye
Jerry Attrick              Norman Conquest          Greg Garious
Kenny Kerry Attune  Cookie Crum                   Max Glucose
Ginger Ayle                Hugh N. Crye                   Dag Gonnett
Teddy Baer                Wanda Danse                   Billy Gote
Carrie A. Balance      Wayne Dantz                   Anna Gramm
Krystal Ball                Harmon Danger              Doug Graves
Al Bania                     Al B. Darned                     Carrie A. Grudge
Robin Banks             Otto DeFay                        Cliff Hanger
Candy Barr               Art Dekko                          Phil Harmonic
Sue Barroo               Crystal Shan DeLear        Hardy Harr
Dwayne de Bathtub   Jimmy DeLocke            Mary Hart
Sandy Beaches        Lois and Carmen              Marian Haste
Paul Bearer                   Denominator                Moe Heakin
Rose Beef                 Al Dentay                            Helen Highwater
Sarah Bellum          Marcia Dimes                     Rhoda Honda
Moe Betta                Phil Dirt                               N. “Vince” Hubble
Lois Bidder              Sues Doku                           Amanda Huggenkiss
D. Linus Bizzy         Duncan Donutz                  Gary Indiana
Ken U. Bleevitt       Ben Dover                            Gene Jacket
Bertha D. Blues      Neal Down                           Dora Jarr
Rita Booke               Pat Downes                         Mason Jarr
O. Danny Boyd       Erasmus B. Draggon          Shirley U. Jest
Lance Boyles           Kenny Duitt                         Kit N. Kaboodle
Xavier Breth            Stan Dupp                            Al Kahall
Donnie Brooke       Cy Dwok                               Patty Kate
Sandy Brown          Barb Dwyer                         Betty Kant
Vesta Buell              Ray D’Yo                              Tom Katz
Al Bumin                 Sam and Janet Evening    Buck Keaney

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