October 10, 2012

[First of all, an apology: inadvertently the wrong date was attached to last week’s blog, “Christmas In My Heart® turns 21″; the release date was October 3, not September 26.]

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Yes, strange as it may seem, personal letters still exist! Indeed, an unexpected thing has taken place in this digital age: the once lowly personal letter has become a prestige item, and the handwritten letter the most valuable artifact of all! You see, all this ubiquitous electronic gadgetry, that was supposed to bring us together, instead separates us to the extent that one-on-one personal conversation has become an endangered species. Meanwhile, the ability to articulate well on paper continues to degenerate—and along the way, cursive writing is so rarely taught that many children cannot even read it!

So it was a day-brightener indeed when I received this letter from one of our faithful blog and tweet readers, Michelle Swanson of Missouri. Here is how it read:

September 30, 2012

Dr. Wheeler,

I want to respond to a statement in your August 22 blog (yes, I know it is a late response, I apologize): “The mere fact that no one jogged my memory about the omission makes me wonder how many of our readers are seriously into reading our selections.”

I noticed (as I am sure others did too) that you skipped a selection, but I was sure there was a good reason. Your blogs each week are excellent, and since they continued I assumed you were in good health and were just giving us a much needed chance to catch up. Several of the books you have recommended have led me to search out other writings by the same author, and once I get started I read all that I want, which leads me to often get behind in the readings.

Your Zane Grey selections introduced me to an author I had not previously read., I have so far read 6 of his books, and have several more listed that I want to read. My teenage son, and my husband have been reading these books as well, in fact they have been giving me reports on which of the Grey books they think I will like best. I just finished the book “Nevada” which I thoroughly enjoyed. The men in my family liked Robbers’ Roost better.

The August selection of Charles Sheldon’s In His Steps is outstanding. I had not previously read any of Sheldon’s writings. I have now read two additional Sheldon books: Miracle at Markham and Robert Hardy’s Seven Days. I found them interesting, thought provoking, and easy to read. Thank you for recommending this author.

The little break in Book of the Month selections this summer was fine. I don’t want you to get discouraged in thinking that no one is reading the books. I do read the books you recommend, and I look forward to each selection as if it were a special gift.

I am a wife, mother, work full time, and am back in school to finish my degree, which doesn’t leave me with a lot of pleasure reading time. As a family we don’t watch a lot of television, so we often read as entertainment. It is nice to have you recommend the books, and then provide an excellent introduction for each book chosen.

I enjoy your post of quotes on Facebook. I should probably respond more to those posts, but I just haven’t taken the time to do so. I will try to be more responsive in the future.

I was pleased to learn that your home escaped damage from the terrible fires. Enjoy the beautiful autumn weather.

May God bless and keep you.

Michelle Swanson

* * *

[And may God bless Michelle for taking the time out of her hectic schedule to weigh in on our Book of the Month blogs and daily quotation tweets.]

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  1. I have read several of your book selections and have enjoyed every one. I appreciate them much more than when in high school. Thank you for your introductions to the books also. Having a context in which they were written really broadens my understanding. Thank you for all you do!! Linda

  2. With the advances in technology, and so many gadgets to play with, very few people find time to read. I do not have a lot of time, but some how I make time. I am currently reading the Zane Grey series. I truly feel that a good book is like a good friend. there are so many things to learn.

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