Now that our blogs have been running for a year and a half, I have a favor to ask of you:  Would you mind telling me which blogs you liked the best (as to type)?  Which ones would you like to see more of?

To make it easy, here are the general categories addressed during Series One’s 65 blogs (some categories overlap):

Number of blogs dealing with:

(26)        Travel in our national parks, monuments, forests, etc., and related lodging.

(7)        Education: Value of, problems with.

(5)        Milestones in the news; significance of.

(4)        Boys: Why we’re losing them.

(4)        Recovering from bad times, tough times, or our mistakes.

(3)        New beginnings, New Year’s Day.

(3)        Reading in our lives.

(3)        Education milestones, alumni gatherings.

(3)        Travel in America [besides our national parks].

(3)        Christmas season: Christmas books and stories.

(2)        Travel abroad.

(2)        Travel on cruise ships.

(1)        Love.

(1)        Life stories of great people (like Lincoln).

(1)        Children.

(1)        Leadership.

(1)        Fragility of life.

(1)        Animals.

(1)        Creativity.

(1)        Organizations we serve in.

(1)        Humor.

  1. So which of these did you enjoy most.  Relate to most?  Feel most valuable, helpful, insightful?  Share with others?  Make copies of?
  2. Which subject areas would you like to see continued?
  3. Which subject areas would you like to see increased.
  4. Which subject areas would you like to see reduced?
  5. Which non-appearing subject areas would you most like to see addressed?
  6. As for illustrations—do you feel they help increase interest in subject?  Do you feel they are worth the trouble? 

It would be most helpful to me if you’d be kind enough to amplify and give reasons for your conclusions.

* * * * *

I’ll report back, letting you know what kind of feedback we received—so please, take a moment and weigh in, so that I’ll know better which subjects I should explore more (or less) during our Series Two.

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  1. I so enjoy your blogs and it really doesn’t matter the subject (rather indescriminate but true). What I like is more the feeling I get while reading them than the topic you choose. I think it is a remembrance of a simpler time. Not that I want to go back in time but rather being reminded of the values internalized and experiences during those times. Truly a trip down memory lane, like opening a good book and letting my mind wander. Today, life seems so fast paced, synthetic, and focused on the task immediately at hand, it is helpful to have a reason to think at a differnt pace and on topics we may not take the time to seek out otherwise. So which of these did I enjoy most, as one who loves roadtrips probably the travel, followed by perspectives on current news events and milestones. As for illustrations (even for non-travel subjects), yes, they help visualize the subject and escape to a different mental space. I look forward to many more ‘Venturing by Blogs.’

    • Dear Linda,

      So good to hear from you!

      Appreciate so much your thoughtful and reflective responses to our blog survey.

      Sounds like you’d like more of the same during our second year.

      Your encouragement means much to me.


  2. I have enjoyed reading though your blogs-my favorite subjects have probably been the travel ones but I am interested in what you have to say on most of the subjects. Besides traveling I also have a special interest in anything to do with Christmas. And yes, I think its worth it to put in the illustrations.

  3. Thanks too for the March 3 response to the survey.


  4. Your blogs are like a mini visit with a dear friend. I have enjoyed all the subjects, but I think I have enjoyed most the ones that have revealed your feelings and thoughts on life events, such as alumni gatherings, the fragilness of life, the simple yet special events of life that are memory makers. The ones that reveal the underside of events and inner connectedness, the ones that reveal your feelings and your interpretations of how it all relates to the big picture of life. The National Parks have been interesting, albeit a bit repetitous of glorious scenery and fastastic lodging, but the illustrations added a very nice touch and saved them from being a bit boring. Illustrations are worth the effort. I especially enjoy a blog that has them. They variety is nice, so just keep doing what you have been doing. It is always nice to visit with a friend!

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