Now that our blogs have been running for a year and a half, I have a favor to ask of you:  Would you mind telling me which blogs you liked the best (as to type)?  Which ones would you like to see more of?

To make it easy, here are the general categories addressed during Series One’s 65 blogs (some categories overlap):

Number of blogs dealing with:

(26)        Travel in our national parks, monuments, forests, etc., and related lodging.

(7)        Education: Value of, problems with.

(5)        Milestones in the news; significance of.

(4)        Boys: Why we’re losing them.

(4)        Recovering from bad times, tough times, or our mistakes.

(3)        New beginnings, New Year’s Day.

(3)        Reading in our lives.

(3)        Education milestones, alumni gatherings.

(3)        Travel in America [besides our national parks].

(3)        Christmas season: Christmas books and stories.

(2)        Travel abroad.

(2)        Travel on cruise ships.

(1)        Love.

(1)        Life stories of great people (like Lincoln).

(1)        Children.

(1)        Leadership.

(1)        Fragility of life.

(1)        Animals.

(1)        Creativity.

(1)        Organizations we serve in.

(1)        Humor.

  1. So which of these did you enjoy most.  Relate to most?  Feel most valuable, helpful, insightful?  Share with others?  Make copies of?
  2. Which subject areas would you like to see continued?
  3. Which subject areas would you like to see increased.
  4. Which subject areas would you like to see reduced?
  5. Which non-appearing subject areas would you most like to see addressed?
  6. As for illustrations—do you feel they help increase interest in subject?  Do you feel they are worth the trouble? 

It would be most helpful to me if you’d be kind enough to amplify and give reasons for your conclusions.

* * * * *

I’ll report back, letting you know what kind of feedback we received—so please, take a moment and weigh in, so that I’ll know better which subjects I should explore more (or less) during our Series Two.

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